Elite personal training experience, tailored for you.

Real One-on-One coaching delivered through an Apple Watch.

Personal Coaching

A Whiz coach helps you keep up with your fitness journey. After the initial interview, they will be in constant contact, ensuring you stay motivated and reach your goals.

True Individualization

Pro athletes and movie stars share one thing:

A completely customized plan. Whiz brings the experience closer with individualised training and nutrition you need to achieve those results.

Smart Tracking

Workouts on Whiz Apple Watch App are registered using our advanced resistance tracking, that counts reps, manages rest, even asses the proper weight for each exercise in real time.


After each workout, your coach reviews your performance stats to provide feedback, discuss sensations and adapt further sessions to keep you on track. Need a day off or traveling away? Arrange your scheduled workouts together to fit your lifestyle. 

Meet your new coach

Your personal trainer is a real person who’s there to solve any of your questions, provide assistance, encouragement, and motivation whenever you need it. 



MSc in Sports Performance and has coached

track athletes, football players, firemen

 and 9-to-5 executives. He's Mr Science boy.

NSCA Certified Personal Trainer with gymnastics
and boxing background, before specializing in
woman coaching. She kicks ass!


Sustainable world-class coaching for
just under £2 per day

An average London PT costs £59 per one hour session. Instead, your Whiz membership allows for unlimited sessions for £59 per month.

Good, local Personal Trainers are scarce. When you find one, you should at least work out twice a week, in order to achieve the desired results.

This easily adds up to £500+ per month plus the hassle of rescheduling your booked session, making it
 unsustainable and the #1 reason for most customers dropping out.

Whiz unlocks a premium digital workout experience using proprietary technology, while pairing you with best in class professionals for sustained lifetime of wellness coaching.

Bring your fitness journey to the next level.

Like no other Coach we'll be there 24/7 for whenever you want to push yourself.

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